Have you seen us on TV lately? We recently had the honor of working with Nicole Curtis on Rehab Addict! Rehab Addict is a show on HGTV featuring Nicole Curtis, a Detroit native and self-proclaimed “Rehab Addict” who is dedicated to brining historic homes back to life. After falling in love with all the lakes and historic neighborhoods, Curtis relocated from Detroit to the Twin Cities to make old homes breathe again. It was only a matter of time until she discovered a beautiful home in need of a little TLC on St. Paul’s historic Summit Ave. The 8,000 square foot home that Curtis refers to as the “Summit Mansion” was built in 1904. One of her main goals with this home was to restore the formal dining room, which featured original leaded glass windows. As stained glass restoration experts, Nicole called upon on us to come check out the windows. When we arrived on site, we could immediately tell they needed a little attention. The panes and lead of the stained glass windows were beginning to pull back, giving the windows a wavy effect. This damaging effect is also known as “bowing” and is very common in old windows that have not been properly protected from the elements. To learn more about minimizing weathering damage on your stained glass windows, click here. After a full examination, we carefully removed the windows from the mansion, transported them back to the Gaytee-Palmer studio in NE Minneapolis, repaired the broken pieces, cleaned up the original glass, re-leaded the windows, placed them back in their frames and re-installed them. The windows are looking as good as new and are happy to be back in their original home on Summit Avenue. After receiving the care and attention they needed, these stained glass windows are sure to last another 120 years. To see the entire restoration process and final result of the windows, check out the “Distressed Dining” episode On-Demand. See Nicole in action every Thursday on Rehab Addict – new episodes premier on HGTV at 10/9C.