Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass is a family-owned and operated business. We were founded in 1918 by Thomas J. Gaytee, an accomplished stained glass artist and liturgical designer from New York. Gaytee has only known three prior owners; founder Thomas J. Gaytee, Lee N. R. Miller, John Salisbury, and now, Al Palmer. Prior to merging their business with Gaytee Stained Glass, they were the owners of Palmer Stained Glass…both in Minneapolis. They worked closely with John Salisbury at Gaytee for ten years before merging the two companies in 2010.

The projects we have completed range from churches, historical buildings, repair and restoration for furniture care businesses, to the custom design of new window projects for private residents and designers. Throughout the decades, we have continually kept pace with the latest developments in the glass industry, while maintaining the highest level of service to our customers.

Meet our team of artisans below or stop by anytime to tour our studio. We can accommodate groups of twelve or less at one time. Call us to schedule a tour! We love it when people want to learn more about the process and craftsmanship that goes into stained glass.

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Al Palmer is the owner of Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass Studio and has been in the stained glass business since 1974.  Al started as an apprentice in the stained glass business after high school and after a few winters working in the stained glass business part-time, he realized he loved this work. He made the decision to make the stained glass business his career and after working his way through the ranks, became a salesperson and eventually started his own company.

After being in the business for over 30 years, another opportunity knocked and Al was given the opportunity to purchase the oldest and largest stained glass studio in the Twin Cities area, Gaytee Stained Glass. Al merged Palmer Stained Glass with Gaytee Stained Glass and now has an all-encompassing stained glass business and is thrilled.

Working in the Stained Glass business is very rewarding to Al; he enjoys the client’s reaction to the final installation of each job and the satisfaction it brings.



Kellie has been in the stained glass business since 1995, she is a co-owner with her husband Al Palmer and is the Business Administrator for Gaytee Palmer. Kellie and her husband, Al Palmer, merged Palmer Stained Glass and Gaytee Stained Glass in 2010 and now have an all-encompassing stained glass studio in the heart of the Art District in NE Minneapolis Minnesota.  

Kellie loves so many aspects of the business, but when a project is completed and delivered to the client there is a sense of satisfaction and joy that is hard to describe. Stained glass transforms a space, unlike any other art form. Whether the project is residential or commercial, or a restoration of old windows or fabricating new windows, there is always something about stained glass that people enjoy and can connect with.


We are proud and grateful to announce that Bruce Medema will join Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass as our senior artist.  Bruce is proud to carry on David’s legacy, David and Bruce shared so many of the same art ideas and beliefs in keeping with the traditional ways of creating stained glass. This transition will be seamless for our clients as we work through this difficult time. We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

We are grateful Bruce will be joining our team.



Jacob Zacharias

Jacob Zacharias has joined Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass as the Studio Manager with 30+ years of experience in business management. Jacob has been fascinated with the history of stained-glass art and the beauty that can be achieved when great artists work in collaboration with another stained-glass craftsman.


Jacob has had success at many levels from starting his own small business in 1990 to working his way up to managing several big box retail locations throughout Minnesota. We are sure you will enjoy working with Jacob and we are excited to have him on our team.



Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass is deeply saddened by the news of David Fodes’ sudden death. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Cynara and his two children. David was the senior artist at Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass, he will be missed by all of us at Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass and the entire stained-glass community.

Our first contact with David was when another great artist whom David thought very highly of; Bruce Medema, told David about Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass Studio.  David and Bruce worked side-by-side for years at another stained-glass studio before they both made career moves.   David joined Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass, and Bruce moved to Iowa and worked as an independent freelance artist.

David was an accomplished artist who graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, with an emphasis in drawing and illustration. His talents were most often used in the design and painting of stained glass windows. David said, “I am inspired by what I am working on today could be around 100 years from now.”

David’s work is in churches, synagogues, and public spaces all around the world. He has restored windows by many world-renowned artists: LaFarge, Tiffany, Heaton, Butler & Bell, Mayer of Munich, Zettler, Emil Frei, Munich Studio and Connick.