Whether you are in the market for a large custom project for your church or something as simple as a decorative window accent, we can make your vision come to life. We will work with you to design an original concept or re-create a certain piece you have always admired.

The best way for us to uncover your concept and ideas is to schedule a consultation. You may bring in your conceptual sketch or idea and the artisans at Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass will consult with you, often in collaboration with your architect, designer or contractor.

New stained glass windows can be leaded stained glass or hand painted stained glass. Leaded stained glass has little or no painting, which is less labor intensive, and usually can match most budgets. Hand painted stained glass is much more labor intensive, and involves an artist. With hand painted stained glass and the experience of a gifted, experienced artist, you can obtain a much higher level of detail in your stained glass window. This level of detail is not possible with other methods of stained glass.

Historically, most stained glass windows have featured religious art, but you will see in our portfolio that there are many other potential designs for the architectural arts. Stained Glass is one of the oldest art forms with its roots in liturgical settings, stained glass now brings warmth and excitement to all types of architecture. Exquisite textures, a nearly infinite range of hues and tones, and the remarkable effects of light patterns—from dawn to dusk, from natural to man-made light sources, from the brilliance of bright summer days to the richness of midwinter afternoons—make stained glass the only art medium that is ever-changing.

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