Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass has a long, storied history.  Thomas J. Gaytee founded Gaytee Studio in 1918 after studying in New York under Louis Comfort Tiffany. Thomas J. Gaytee came to Minneapolis, Minnesota, selling for Louis Comfort Tiffany, subsequently opened his own studio (Gaytee) which became known for the stained glass that adorns many churches.

Gaytee merged with Palmer Stained Glass to create an all-encompassing stained glass studio. Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass meets all your needs, from designing new stained glass windows, to the fabrication of the windows, installation and new framing, to protective storm coverings.

Our studio is large enough to handle large projects such as the historical preservation and restoration of the Minnesota State Capital; designing, fabricating and installing 65 new stained glass windows for St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, St. Anthony, Minnesota; to smaller projects like preserving a beautiful La Farge window in a private St Paul Minnesota home. 

Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass is a member of the SGAA (Stained Glass Association of America) and PAM—Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. 

Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass takes pride in the design and preservation in the art and craftsmanship of stained glass. The opportunity to work on new window design, and the restoration and repair of old historical stained glass windows gives us great satisfaction. 

We work with churches directly or through contractors, designers and architects. We work with church boards and art committees, and directly with homeowners.  Gaytee Palmer is known for excellent customer service, attention to detail and dedication to meeting deadlines.

Our Resumé

Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass Studio has many accomplishments to be proud of, one of which is the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass has been repairing/maintaining these windows for the past 15 years, which is leading up to a major restoration of the Basilica in the early 2020s. This restoration will include the stained glass, which the Gaytee Studio first designed and installed these windows in the 1920s.

Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass was selected for the historical preservation of the

  • Minnesota State Capital,
  • Wyoming State Capital,
  • St. Mark’s Cathedral, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
  • Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Bismarck, North Dakota and
  • many more. 

We are currently working on the historical preservation of three large skylights for First United Methodist Church, Des Moines Iowa.

First United Methodist Church announced on their website they will restore the large three stained glass skylights. 

“After 110 years, the skylight window was removed by Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass and taken to Minneapolis to be cleaned and re-leaded. We are looking forward to having it back and gracing our sanctuary for another 110 years!”

Our studio has designed, fabricated and installed new stained glass for the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, University of Kansas.