Protective storm coverings are important to protect stained glass windows from the outside elements and also help prevent vandalism. When installing protective coverings over your stained glass windows, it is important they are properly vented. Proper ventilation allows airflow between the stained glass and the protective glass. This will prevent bulging and deterioration of the lead.

In recent history, a Lexan protective covering has been typically used. With time Lexan will discolor and become cloudy and obstruct the view of the window. Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass uses a protective exterior plate-glass, which will last the lifetime of the window.

In many cases the original wood frames are rotten and need to be replaced. Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass will also provide custom aluminum framing that will replace the original wood frames. Aluminum framing is maintenance free and will enhance the look of your stained glass windows.

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