Did you know the average life of a stained glass window is 70 to 100 years? As the lead and putty decay the structure of the window weakens which causes bulging. If the problem is not addressed the glass will crack or even fall out of the caming! We take great pride in restoring stained glass windows, lamps, cabinet doors, skylights, sidelights and door transoms. It is important in the restoration process to restore the stained glass back to its original condition without compromising the original design. Our Repair & Restoration Process: 1. The stained glass panels are removed from the socket and temporary windows are installed. The panels are then carefully transported back to the Gaytee-Palmer studio in Northeast Minneapolis. 2. At the studio, rubbings are made of each panel (rubbings are a chalk pattern of the window). 3. The stained glass panels are then placed in a soaking bath for 24 hours. This process loosens the lead, which makes it easier to take the panel apart. 4. After soaking, the old lead is cut from each piece of glass. Each invididual piece of glass is gently cleaned and placed on the rubbing. 5. After the panel is disassembled, the window is rebuilt using new lead and the second rubbing. The panel is then soldered. 6. Lastly, the restored panel is cemented . This is a process where cement is brushed into the voids of the lead, adding strength to the window. In addition, this process seals the window and provides protection from the elements. With proper restoration the life of the stained glass window can be extend for up to another 100 years. Our studio has a large glass inventory for any restoration project. We offer custom aluminum frames and clear laminated protective covering. Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of the Arts District in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1918, we have been serving the Midwest for nearly 100 years. We specialize in custom designed stained glass windows, window repair and restoration, and protective storm coverings. For any inquiries you may have, we encourage you to contact us at (612) 872-4550.