The New Window Process: 1. The design committee and artist meet to choose a design, refine the design, and select glass colors. 2. Once the final design is determined, the patterns are drawn and cut out. 3. The glass and the lead are cut and are placed on the tracing of the window. 4. Meanwhile, if your new window includes custom artwork, our artist is busy sketching your custom design. Once the design is selected, the artist hand-paints the design onto the glass, which is then fired in a kiln. 5. Once all the components are ready – the glass, the artwork, and the lead – the stained glass panel is assembled and soldered. 6. Lastly, the new stained glass window is cemented. This is a process where cement is brushed into the voids of the lead, adding strength to the stained glass panels. 7. Your brand new custom stained glass window is installed! Gaytee-Palmer Stained Glass is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of the Arts District in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1918, we have been serving the Midwest for nearly 100 years. We specialize in custom designed stained glass windows, window repair and restoration, and protective storm coverings. For any inquiries you may have, we encourage you to contact us at (612) 872-4550.