As a stained glass company, we spend a lot of our time in old churches restoring historic windows and fabricating new ones. The architecture is something to be cherished – the quality, the detail, and the character – it’s rich and simple at the same time. Over the last year or so, we can’t help but notice the church-turned-restaurant trend and we are loving it. There’s something completely charming about being able to enjoy a nice meal in a historic building. The architecture and atmosphere is incredible – and stained glass plays a huge part in that. It’s amazing to see the purpose and utility of the windows change. There is so much to appreciate about stained glass and we are excited that the craft is being introduced to (and appreciated by) an entirely new audience and industry. One of our favorites is The Chapel Grill in Naples, Florida. Opened about a year ago, it is located in a beautifully restored church off of 5th Avenue. We spend a lot of time in Naples and this restaurant is always at the top of our list.